Sectors We Serve


Our experts work across fifty-five countries providing innovative, sustainable solutions irrigation, flood control, river morphology, dam and reservoir engineering, drainage, and sanitation


We help energy and utilities companies on safe, continuous, and profitable generation of all kinds of energy - Wind, Hydro, Solar and Hybrid, transmission, distribution, and trading


We support engineering and construction firms in planning and implementing large scale projects related to transportation, housing, retail, hospitality, industrial and IT parks, and commercial


We advise governments, agribusinesses and food processing companies on farm operations, management, value chain development, pricing, go-to-market strategy, and sales execution


We advise industrial manufacturing and B2B companies for streamlining their operations sourcing, manufacturing technologies, workforce and quality assurance

Real Estate

We help real estate developers respond to changing industry trends such as ongoing digitalization, the emphasis on sustainability, and affordable buildings and make better investment decisions


We provide health and medical organizations advice to with keep up with the trends that are reshaping the industry and deliver more personalized, digital, and informed care